Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw No. 621, 2012 authorizes the Regional District to issue fines for the enforcement of certain bylaw violations, to designate persons as bylaw enforcement officers, to authorize the use of certain words or expressions to designate certain bylaw offences and to set fine amounts. This Bylaw replaces Ticket Information Utilization Bylaw No. 396, 1996.

 Bylaw No. 621, 2012 will include ticketable offences listed in the current ticketing bylaw in addition to offences under the Regional District’s Development Procedures Bylaw and zoning and land use violations which are not included in the current ticketing bylaw. A complete list of the applicable bylaws and regulations that are subject to fines and the fine amounts contained in Bylaw No. 621, 2012 are attached as Schedules of the bylaw.

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