Flood Protection Works

New Remo Dyke

The New Remo Dyke and associated protective works are located along the Zymagotitz (Zymacord) River on a registered easement over District Lot 1706 and Unsurveyed Crown Land. The dyke was constructed in 1980 and consists of a 750 meter compacted earth fill berm. The downstream 400 meter section of the dyke is armoured with riprap (broken rock). Additional protective works include a 170 meter section of river bank armouring immediately adjacent to the downstream end of the dyke and a 440 meter section upstream of the dyke.

The purpose of these protective works is to assist with the continued diversion of the Zymogotitz River away from the community of New Remo. The works are inspected regularly and maintenance is carried out as required. A copy of the current budget can be viewed here.

Skeena River Channel Management

To View the Channel Stability Assessment: Skeena and Kitsumkalum Rivers in the Vicinity of Terrace report please click here.