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About the North West Regional Hospital District

1.0   Introduction

Regional Hospital Districts are governed according to the Hospital District Act and the BC Government ministry responsible is the Ministry of Health Services. There are (RHDs) throughout the province.

The RHDs operate under the authority of Section 20 the "Hospital District Act." They were created to provide funding for the establishment, acquisition, construction, reconstruction, enlargement operation and maintenance of hospitals and hospital facilities defined under the Hospital Act. As a result of hospital district reorganization between 1996 and 1998, there are 13 defunct regional hospital districts for which taxes continue to be levied. However, the taxes will be discontinued when all old debt is paid.

2.0   NWRHD Geography & People

The North West Regional Hospital District (NWRHD) was established in December 1995 by Letters Patent. It shares the same boundaries as the entire Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine (RDKS) and North Coast Regional District, formerly Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District (SQCRD), and the western portion of the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN).  The NWRHD is the largest hospital district geographically in the province of BC.

Dec 19, 2014 the Nisga'a Lands where added to the NWRHD under the Hospital District Act, Order in Council(OIC) 709/14 and the new Letters Patent were issued and approved on December 19, 2014. This enables the Nisga'a Nation to have representation on the NWRHD board of directors.

A 28-member elected Board of Directors represents 25 municipalities and electoral areas, located in the three North West British Columbia regional districts, along with the Nisga'a Nation. The Chair and Vice-Chairs hold a one year term each (January-December). 

View Proposed Meeting Dates
View Northwest Regional Agendas and Minutes: Online Document Library
Regional District Community Director Name/Position (as at December 2016)
Regional District Bulkley-Nechako District of Houston Director, Shane Brienen (Mayor, District of Houston)
Village of Telkwa Director, Brad Layton (Mayor, Village of Telkwa)
Town of Smithers Director, Taylor Bachrach (Mayor, Town of Smithers)
Electoral Area A-Smithers Rural Director, Mark Fisher
Electoral Area G-Houston Rural Vice Chair, Director, Rob Newell
Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine District of New Hazelton Director, Gail Lowry (Mayor, District of New Hazelton)
Village of Hazelton Director, Alice Maitland (Mayor, Village of Hazelton)
City of Terrace Director, Lynne Christensen (Councillor, City of Terrace)
City of Terrace Director, Sean Bujtas (Councillor, City of Terrace)
District of Kitimat Director, Phil Germuth (Councillor, District of Kitimat)
District of Stewart Director, Galina Durant (Mayor, District of Stewart)
Electoral Area A – Nass Valley, Meziadin Chair, Director, Harry Nyce
Electoral Area B – Hazeltons rural, Kispiox, Moricetown through Cedarvale Director, Linda Pierre
Electoral Area C – Terrace Rural Director, Jessica McCallum-Miller
Electoral Area D – Telegraph Creek, Iskut, Bob Quinn Director, Dave Brocklebank
Electoral Area E - Thornhill Director, Ted Ramsey
Electoral Area F – Dease Lake Director, Tina Etzerza
Nisga'a Nation Director, Willard Martin (Chairperson Council of Elders / Nisga'a Lisms Executive)
North Coast Regional District (Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District) City of Prince Rupert Director, Barry Cunningham, (Councillor, City of Prince Rupert)
City of Prince Rupert Director, Nelson Kinney (Councillor, City of Prince Rupert)
Village of Masset Vice-Chair, Director, Barry Pages (Mayor, Village of Masset)
Village of Queen Charlotte Director, Greg Martin (Mayor, Village of Queen Charlotte)
Village of Port Clements Director, Doug Daugert (Councillor, Village of Port Clements)
District of Port Edward Director, Dave MacDonald (Mayor, District of Port Edward)
Electoral Area A – Lax Kw’alaams, Metlakatla, Crippen Cove, Dodge Cove Director, Des Nobels
Electoral Area C – Oona River, Dolphin Island, Kulkayu (Hartley Bay) Director, Karl Bergman
Electoral Area D – Graham Island Rural Director, Michael Racz
Electoral Area E – Sandspit, Moresby Island Director, Bill Beldessi


3.0   Acute Care and Chronic Care Facilities in the NW Regional Hospital District

NWRHD supports two Health Authorities.  There are 16 principal health facilities operated by the Northern Health Authority (NHA) within the NWRHD boundaries and 4 facilities operated by the Nisga’a Lisims Government and the Nisga’a Valley Health Authority. The NWRHD pays for as much as 40% of the cost of capital funding for health facilities and medical equipment within its boundaries, while the remaining 60% share is funded by the Provincial Government, Federal Government,  or through donations provided by local Hospital or Community Foundations, and individual patrons.

Table 1: Facilities that the NW Regional Hospital District contributes capital funding towards for major capital construction (and related) and major equipment purchases.

Regional District


Major Acute and Chronic Care Facility

Regional District Bulkley-Nechako


Houston Health Centre




Bulkley Lodge


Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine








Terrace Community Mental Health Services


Terraceview Lodge


Seven Sisters Residence


Stewart Health Centre


Stikine Health Centre


James Samuel Gosnell Memorial Health Centre


Health Center


Health Center


Health Center


North Coast Regional District (Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District)

Prince Rupert

Prince RupertRegionalHospital

Prince Rupert

Acropolis Manor


Northern HaidaGwaiiHospital & Health Centre

Village of Queen Charlotte

Haida Gwaii Hospital & Health Centre



Other Facilities in the NW Regional Hospital District

There are other facilities located within the boundaries of the NWRHD, that the NWRHD does not contribute public funds towards.  The other health care facilities in our region include a variety of assisted living, health units, public and mental health centres, home and community care program spaces that are listed below in Table 2. These facilities are funded by the Northern Health Authority and their partners in health care services.

Table 2: Facilities within the NW Regional Hospital District geography supported by Northern Health & their partners (Not NWRHD)
Regional District Community Major Acute and Chronic Care Facility
Regional District Bulkley-Nechako Houston Cottonwood Manor
Smithers Smithers Community Health
Smithers Smithers Home and Community Health
Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine Hazeltons Hazelton Community Health
Hazeltons Hazelton Mental Health & Addictions
Hazeltons Hazelton Street Residence
Hazeltons Skeena Place
Terrace Birchwood Place
Terrace Terrace Adult Sunshine Centre
Terrace Terrace Health Unit
North Coast Regional District (Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District)  Prince Rupert Prince Rupert Community Health
Skidegate Skidegate Seniors’ Centre
Masset Old Masset Adult Day Program
Masset Masset Community Health
Village of Queen Charlotte Queen Charlotte Islands Community Health
Village of Queen Charlotte Martin Manor

The Ministry of Health works together with BC’s health authorities to provide quality, appropriate and timely health services to British Columbians.The ministry sets province-wide goals, standards and performance agreements for health service delivery by the health authorities. The full spectrum of health services in our region are the responsibility of the Northern Health Authority and/or the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA). PHSA is one of six health authorities – the other five health authorities serve geographic regions of BC. PHSA's primary role is to ensure that BC residents have access to a coordinated network of high-quality specialized health care services. PHSA operates eight agencies that provide province-wide health care services, including: 

  • BC Cancer Agency which included the new cancer center, Center for the North, in Prince George, BC.
  • BC Centre for Disease Control
  • BC Children's Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children
  • BC Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • BC Provincial Renal Agency
  • BC Transplant Society
  • BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre
  • Cardiac Services BC.

The BC Ambulance Service operates under the authority of the Emergency and Health Services Commission(EHSC), per the Emergency Health Services Act.  The EHSC is mandated to ensure both the provision of emergency health services, delivered through the BCAS, and the provision of non-emergency health and tele-health information services, through HealthlinkBC.


4.0   NWRHD Major Capital and Equipment Projects and the Setting of Capital Planning Priorities/Budgets
The NWRHD Board has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Northern Health Authority that sets out the approval process for capital project decisions. Once the Board has approved a project funding, a capital expenditure bylaw is adopted. The bylaw states whether the project is funded from current budget monies or long term debt.

During construction the NWRHD receives expenditure claims that are funded by temporary borrowing.  According to the bylaw, the temporary borrowing is rolled into long term debt. The debt from hospital capital construction is borrowed from the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA), exclusively available to municipalities in Canada, at the most competitive rates in the marketplace due its AAA credit rating.

The Annual Budgeting process therefore may contact all or some of the following elements:

  • Revenue from the tax levy and other sources
  • Costs for administration and board expenses
  • Costs for planning, business cases studies
  • Annual grants for minor capital equipment and global grants (change from year to year but can include items such as building renovations, technology upgrades, univeral services and projects identified by the health authority
  • Temporary borrowing costs for capital projects in progress
  • Principal and interest payments in support of long term debt.

Projects and priorities are proposed each year by the Northern Health Authority; the final approved list is developed in consultation between the health authority and the regional hospital district. The Northern Health Authority invites the RHDs to twice annual planning meetings.

 4.1 Major Capital Developments: In progress

There are currently no projects in progress.  The hope is to see approval given to move forward on replacing Mills Memorial

4.2   Major Capital Developments: Complete

 New Haida Gwaii Hospital

 Link to news releases:

Haida Gwaii Hospital Officially Opens

Shortlist of Qualified Contractors to bid on the New QCI/Haida Gwaii Hospital

RFQ for New Hospital on Haida Gwaii Released

Northern Health Celebrates Annoucements

Province Plans for New Hospital on Haida Gwaii


Northern Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre (Masset)

The Northern Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre officially opened on October 25, 2008. The new facility, designed to reflect the local architecture and heritage, combines hospital services, residential care beds, assisted living units and community health programs. The $15-million centre was built through a partnership agreement, a first of its kind in the Province of British Columbia, whereby: 

  • The Villages of Old Masset, Masset and Port Clements contributed $5.7 million towards construction costs;
  • The North West Regional Hospital District contributed $4.25 million in capital funding; and
  • The Ministry of Health Services, through Northern Health, provided a capital contribution of $4.05 million for building and all major equipment

Link to News Release:

Acropolis Manor (Prince Rupert)
Acropolis Manor residential care facility, Summit Residences and adult day care was officially opened in Prince Rupert in July 2010. The facility benefits Prince Rupert seniors who need 24-hour care and health services. It adds 61 residential care beds and 15 new assisted living units to the facility, along with a new adult day centre.
The $19.5 million project was funded through a partnership between the Province, through Northern Health ($12.7 million), the NWRHD (($6.8 million) and the City of Prince Rupert, which provided the land and waived the permit fees.

Link to News Release:

Terraceview Lodge (Terrace)
Terraceview Lodge opened in July 2010. The expansion and renovation to seniors’ services resulted in a net increase of 19 beds (16 complex care and 3 palliative suites), with 25 replacement (including respite beds). The new facility meets up-to-date standards for the highest level of residential care. Seniors receive around-the-clock nursing care in a home-like environment will benefit from these improved beds. The expansion included full wheelchair accessibility, appropriate space for clients and caregivers, and the ability to include patient lifts and support devices.

Link to News Release:

4.3  Future Capital Projects –  Hospital Renovations or Replacements in NW British Columbia

A business case is created for each major hospital replacement. A Project Board may be struck, and for projects that exceed $50M they may be considered as a public-private partnership (P3). The Project Board is a provincial government body that may consist of membership from the Ministry of Health Services, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Northern Health Authority, the Regional Hospital District and Partnerships BC.

The NWRHD communities have a fleet of aging buildings not well suited to the new standards and requirements of a modern health care system. Of the utmost concern is the provision of quality primary, acute and chronic care for the residents of our communities, while being fiscally responsible. Construction of hospitals is expensive and at least three of our facilities are near the end of their life. The following facilities are due for either an entire replacement or major renovations:

  • Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement (Terrace)
  • Bulkley Valley District Hospital (Smithers)
  • Wrinch Memorial Hospital (Hazelton)

Please visit this website or contact us for more information on capital planning and construction of hospitals and health centres in our region.

5.0   NWRHD – Annual Hospital District Payments and Schedules

Schedule of Annual Hospital District Payments/Schedules ACT and Section #

6.0   North West Regional Hospital District Meeting Schedule 2017:

  • Six board meetings per year.  All at 11:00am at the RDKS Boardroom 
  • Next Meetings March 24, 2017, May 26, 2017, August 18, 2017, Novemvber 24, 2017

7.0   For more information about the North West Regional Hospital District

Lead Staff: Yvonne Koerner, CPA CMA, MBA   Executive Director

Executive Committee of the Board:

  1. Harry Nyce (Chair / Director, Area A, Kitimat-Stikine RD)
  2. Rob Newell (Vice-Chair / Area G, Bulkley-Nechako RD)
  3. Barry Pages (Vice-Chair / Councillor, Village of Masset, Skeena-Queen Charlotte RD)              

How to Contact Us:
Suite 300-4545 Lazelle Avenue
Terrace, BC V8G 4E1
Tel: 250-615-6100
Fax: 250-635-9222
Toll Free: 1-800-663-3208

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