Rosswood Landfill

Rosswood Landfill

Hours of Operation

Rosswood Landfill is operated from NOON  to 5:00 p.m.  SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY.
Holiday Closures:  New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day
What to Expect at the Landfill
The Landfill Contractor is responsible for proper operation of the site.  When you arrive,  you'll need to stop and check in  to ensure your safety and the proper disposal of your refuse.  You'll be asked what you've brought to identify areas for materials segragation.
EPR and Take Back (recycling)

To support the  Zero Waste  goal and general waste diversion, be sure to check out Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Take Back recycling depots locally for items that can be recycled and taken out of the garbage stream - before you head to the landfill. Check out the ERP and Take Back depots - Click here for the latest EPR Brochure for the Terrace Area. 

Segragation before you Landfill

You'll  notice some segregation areas at the Landfill for materials like tires, clean lumber, metals and applicances. Please take the time to segregate your products before landfilling.


Do you need to find the Landfill?  See the Map.

The Rosswood Landfill is located at  4648 Kalum Lake Road - 4.6 kms north of the Rosswood General Store on the Kalum Lake Road on the east side of the highway.