Thornhill Core Sewer Phase 2

News Release - September 2016

Thornhill Core Sewer Phase 2 - The Project - 2015

The Thornhill Core Sewer Phase 2 extension project will commence construction in the fall of 2015 and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2016. Service will be extended to approximately 48 land parcels with potential to service 20 additional properties, including a number of highway frontage businesses.

The Phase 2 Project will include an additional forcemain line and additional infrastructure considerations intended to accommodate a long term goal to service the remaining 3800 residents and businesses of Thornhill. 

Similar to the Queensway Sewer System, the Thornhill Core Sewer Project will provide a Septic Tank Effluent Pumping (STEP) system to the area. The STEP system receives septic tank effluent from property owner septic tanks and will pump the effluent to the Queensway System Treatment Lagoons. With the Regional District STEP system, property owners are responsible to maintain an effluent pump and septic tank as the onsite property component of the system.

The Phase 2 extension includes the installation of 1435 meters of 300 mm forcemain line collection from the Phase 1 project on Queensway, 300 meters south of Thornhill Creek to the intersection of Kofoed Drive and Highway 16 East; a sewage lift station on the highway frontage road, 3645 meters of sewage collection main lines along a portion of Queensway Drive, Substation Avenue, Motz Avenue, 3000 block Highway 16 East, Paquette Avenue and 2800 block Clarke Street; and sewer service connections.  For more details you can read the Project Update 1 and Project Update 2

A total of 6 tenders for work related to this project will be managed by AECOM on behalf of Regional District. Tenders will be posted to BC Bid and on this website under RFP/TENDERS.

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Thornhill Sewer Phase 2 - Background

Each phase of the Thornhill Sewer Project has carried forward infrastructure and consideration for each of the next Project aspects. (Phase 1 - 3)

1993:  Ahead of  Phase 1 - Queensway Project, Regional District acquired lands set for a sewage treatement facility for Phase 3 sufficient to service the entire community of Thornhill.

1994 - 1995:  Phase 1 Queensway Sewer System Project construction proceeded. The Thornhill Core Area property owners invested in an oversized lagoon and trunk sewer system as part of the Queensway project (Phase 1).  The additional infrastructure was to accommodate a future Phase 2 project to serve the Thornhill Core Area. The balance of the community paid for an additional 300mm forcemain to be installed in the same trench as the Queensway sewer mainline for a future Phase 3 when feasible. These extensions were always contingent on obtaining senior government funding assistance and several grant applications were all unsuccessful.  

2014:  Regional District re-engaged Thornhill Core property owners and confirmed significant interest still existed if the recently announced Federal Government Community Works Gas Tax Funds could be made available to help fund this project. Regional District Electoral Area E Director, Mr. Ted Ramsey and the Regional District Board subsequently committed between $ 1,600,000 and $ 2,250,000 of Thornhill’s current and future years Gas Tax Community Works Fund to help reduce the required local property owner contribution. A formal Petition process confirmed property owners supported this $3.3 - 4,000,000 million Phase 2 extension project.